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Thanks to our wide range of specialists and the global network of partners and sponsors, AniMedics can handle a large variety of tasks concerning animal welfare. AniMedics doesn''t only perform tasks for governments or NGOís but also for other organisations and persons. Here are some examples:

Animal Transports

Every now and than, AniMedics in involved in transport of animals. Canines, equines up to complicated transports under CITES rules, we have the right professionals. Everyone knows the stress during (international) moving. What if you and your animal canít be on the same flight. AniMedics can perform guided flights and due to our good contacts we often have the opportunity to check up with your favourite animal during transits. Our logistics department can even handle all the paperwork for you, saving you all the stress. Contact us for more information.

Vaccination programs

Often related or simultaneously ran with TNR programs. Rabies is a deadly disease carried by many stray dogs. AniMedics runs good rabies vaccination programs. Every vaccinated animal will be marked with a small, coloured ear-tag which not only proofs their vaccination but also shows when they are vaccinated.

International (mammal)data collection

Collecting data is a basic tool to get information on a current situation. AniMedics has developed a database in which we collect data from beached mammals and turtles. Third parties can acces the database after a short training and a special set of forms. The data will be used to make international beaching maps and all data is available for related organisations.