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Worldwide there is an estimated population of 400 million stray dogs. They roam country sides, suburbs and streets looking for available food resources. When coming in dense populated areas dogs might become more defensive, which immediately will be interpreted as aggressive. Although most of the stray animals are not aggressive, they can form a threat to human by carrying and spreading diseases.

Dealing with stray animals

A lot of countries try to deal with the problem of stray animals, both cats and dogs. Sadly enough most search for the easy way by poisoning or shooting these animals, which is merely a temporary solution. Stray animals life and breed by resources meaning that a gap, which is created after a shooting party, is filled in a minimum of time.

AniMedics: long ter solutions

AniMedics provides long term solutions. The TNR programs (trap-neuter-release) are not only a proven technique to control stray animal populations, it is a humane way to control populations, prohibiting them to breed again.
AniMedics has skilled TNR teams, using the latest and modern techniques to execute these programs, taking into consideration all sides related to the issue.

OR inside mobile clinic

AniMedics makes assessment first

Before initializing a TNR program, assessment officers are send, to make a full report of the current situation including all related issues. After that, a strategy is set with a (local) government or NGO to execute this program.
As these programs can only succeed when they run continuously, AniMedics will train and educate a local TNR team who will take over in time. Also local vets will be asked to participate in our programs.

Including medical check up

All animals that are spayed and neutered, also receive a full medical check up, leaving our clinics healthy. Animals will be marked by cutting a small piece of their ear tips, or, when additional vaccination programs are added like rabies, a small coloured tag will be put in their ear.

Side related programs that can be part of our TNR programs are:
Rabies control (vaccination) programs
Garbage control
Shelter management
Re-homing programs

For more information, please contact us.