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Projectname 13FIL-AM02
Date May 15 - June 11

United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon

Goal Pilot project TNR

After being in contact with UNIFIL for over a year, an assessment team leaves in November 2012 to do research on stray animal population in UNIFIL permisses (see news section). After writing an extended report and proposal, in which the size of the problem becomes very clear, AniMedics is contracted to do a four week TNR program as pilot. A small clinic has been build by UNIFIL on the headquarters in Naqoura - South Lebanon, for which AniMedics gave advise.
A team of five members was deployed in Tyre from May 10th to June 14th from where they daily travelled to UNIFIL headquarters. During this pilot project, also remote UN camps in the Eastern sector were visited, where the team performed surgeries on remote locations. Thanks to local volunteers the program became a great success. After finishing the pilot project, AniMedics wrote an results report including ''swot''-analysis. In order to complete the TNR program and make it sustainable on long term, UNIFIL is advised to plan follow-up programs.

During the project, the team was visited by the Ministry of Agriculture from Lebanon. On the same day UNIFIL''s PIO office (Public information) was present to make video- and photo footage about the TNR program. The article, photo''s and video is published in both English and Arabic language.
Click here for the English version or here for the Arabic version.

Photo impression ''TNR Lebanon''

animedics''s Lebanon 2013 album on Photobucket