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Projectname 13BAC-AM04
Date June 23 and 24
Client Hondenzorg - Belgium
Goal 40 sterilizations (private) in Bacau - Romania

When it becomes known on the social media that AniMedics will work in Romania, we are contacted by a small Belgium group, who is providing remote aid and care to a small group in Bacau. As this is merely 40km away from Comanesti, we are asked if there is a small possibilitie to help in Bacau. We agree upon help to do 20 sterilizations at cost price.
As one can never predict future, we find ourselves with merely half of the planned team at the time we have to work in Bacau. Due to this we are only able to perform 10 sterilisations under which one pregnant female.

AniMedics veterinarian Maria being watched by upcoming Romanian veterinarian Elena