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About AniMedics

AniMedics is an independent Dutch animal welfare organization, which is active
all around the world. Our primary mission was to provide care for animals when
disasters occur. Luckily disasters do not occur all year round, in the mean time
it would be a waste to let our equipment, knowledge and crews for what they are.
Therefore AniMedics is involved in projects in the Middle East and at this moment in
Nepal. AniMedics is setting up spay and neuter programs to reduce the number of
stray animals in an effective, natural and permanent way. During these projects
AniMedics ran into numerous cases of abuse, illegal trade and illegal keeping and
breeding of endangered species. AniMedics has been helping out individual animals
in need, but is increasingly focused on lasting solutions. AniMedics believes TNR to
be one of those solutions.

The organization is project-based. Four core members lead the organization on a
daily basis. For every project the suited team can be called upon from a large group
of dedicated professionals. AniMedics has a group of volunteers to support them
and always creates a group of local volunteers to help them with projects in the
countries where the projects take place. AniMedics also offers traineeships and
graduation opportunities to local and European students. AniMedics'' projects are
funded by local governments and sometimes by other animal welfare organizations
which need the expertise of our professionals.

Our expertise includes:

  • TNR-programs
  • crisis management
  • setting up animal welfare programs.

Our professionals include: vets, veterinary nurses, animal managers, ecologists,
communication officers, educational officers and more.